iPhone Smart Battery Case

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Starting From:
"A Powerful iPhone Battery Case"

Elegant Design

Protects Your Phone & Battery Against Drops

Never Run Out Of Charge

The iPhone charging case comes in 5000mAh & 7300mAh providing extra charge when needed* 

- The 5000mAh charging case can charge your iPhone7  2 to 2.5 times

- The 7300mAh charging case can charge your iPhone7 Plus 2 to 2.5 times

The iPhone charging case supports wired control of original headset and supports phone call with headset

The case allows computer connection and data transfer without disassembling the case

High-quality circuit chip, providing Multi-level circuit protection

High and low temperature protection

Over-voltage input protection

Over-current protection of battery

Short circuit protection

System reset protection

Reverse input connection protection

Over-current input protection

Over-charging and over-discharging protection

Different Colours To Suit Your Taste

*Charging times will be different for different phones, depending on the battery size.

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